Importance of using LinkedIn as a recruiter

Over the years we have seen the launch of many new Social Media platforms and we have watched them all rapidly increase and then slowly plateau in popularity. LinkedIn is one of the oldest of these social media platforms, but its more relevant now than ever. With over 675 million users on its platform, it is the perfect place for you to build a network in your industry. But why is it such a good tool to help with your recruitment needs?

Did you know that figures for the global workforce who were previously passive talent and were not actively job searching (around 70%) have now dramatically increased? This means that it’s a great time to reach out to your target market and people who could be game changing for your business. However, even with a large number of active and passive candidates open to new job opportunities, you can be missing out of your perfect employee if you don’t reach out through the correct avenues.

Linkedin is a great way to reach these people and create conversations with them. As it is through social media and can be informal, they can be made aware of you and your positions as they go about their everyday lives on social media and do not necessarily have to be looking for a role and with so many integrated features in LinkedIn that can help you interact and get your name out there.

As experienced recruiters, we have a vast network of candidates who we have already interacted with on and outside of Linkedin and are still able to find the perfect candidates for your business so if you want to start a search through us, contact us today here:

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