The Basics

Whether you are a experienced professional who has been with your current company for a while and looking to secure your next step or a graduate looking to land your first job, please feel free to get in touch or register your details for the latest job alerts. We might have just the job coming up for you!

Here are a few basic tips to that might be of help when searching for a new career move:

Searching for jobs

Be proactive, not reactive. Look upon job search as a full time job, starting first thing in the morning and continuing all day long. Visit the main aggregator job boards and list your CV with them. Aggregator job boards are currently one of the most popular ways to search for opportunities as the more job opportunities you have access to, people you see and talk to, the greater probability there is that you will be the right person, in the right place, at the right time, with the right opportunity.

CV & Application

When creating your CV, an ideal length is around 2-3 pages of A4. Attention to detail is important including consistency in dates and explaining any gaps in employment. Word your CV in a way that is formal and professional. Highlight your main achievements and responsibilities under each role you have been in. Ensure you have checked it for any typos, spelling or grammatical mistakes. Finally, know your CV inside out as prospective employers will go through it thoroughly with you at interview stage.

Job Interviews

The 3 Ps of interviewing are; Preparation, practice and performance. Prepare by looking at the key skills and employer wants and then craft stories that demonstrate how you have used those skills. Prepare your stories so you are speaking in the first person singular and the past tense. So ‘I did…’ or I spoke to the customer. Then practise your stories out loud. The interview is a performance , so think about good eye contact and a good upbeat tone in your voice.

Salary & Benefits

Understand the job market. Your rewards in life will always be determined by what you do, how well you do it and he difficulty of replacing you.


Redundancy can be be unfortunate but if you have just been made redundant, take time to figure out the next job you want. If you are looking for the role you really want to be doing, you’ll be more enthusiastic, which will help you keep motivated – plus it’ll come across to interviewers.

In Employment

Career Development

Even if you are employed, keep sowing seeds everywhere you go so you can create a rich harvest of employment in the future. The more seeds you sow, the more likely you are to get the job you really want. Understand the job market. Your rewards in life will always be determined by what you do, how well you do it and the difficulty of replacing you.

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