Title Data Specialist
Salary Up to £49,000 for a 4 day week
Job Information

A leading charity are looking for an experienced individual who can take ownership of a new data project within their organisation.

You will have great interpersonal skills to both understand the needs of end users of systems, but also to appreciate the strategic requirements of their data and help drive the data related ambitions of our organisation.

This is a fixed-term contract role (12 months with the potential to extend) which would suit a business analyst or someone who has worked at a senior level on data projects. You should have an appetite to lead and create a platform which has real impact within an organisation embracing change. Experience of data management solutions is essential as this is the experience gap they are looking to fill.

We believe this will be appealing to an individual with the experience we are lacking, but who requires the flexibility of a 3, 4 or even 5 day working week and occasional working from home. This role is also available as a 5 day a week position.

Role Purpose

The organisation needs to become a data rich and data savvy organisation to help develop their value and credibility through their data analysis and insights.

The purpose of this role is to take ownership and drive the development of organisation’s data management. This will involve creating and implementing a strategy relating to better use of existing data held, plus identifying data they need to be collecting and exploiting in the future to substantiate their impact.

Key Responsibilities

  • Take the lead role in understanding the value of the data they currently hold, what data they need to be collecting and how they make better use of it all, for organisational development and to create commercial opportunities.
  • Collaborate across the organisation to leverage data sources for insights and impact reporting.
  • Understand the system requirements of their national events cycle in order to scope, cost and source a suitable supplier to build and manage a system for these needs. This will include:
    • Competitor online registration
    • Online marking system
    • FTP functionality/ File storage
    • Online tests
    • Forum functionality for training managers
    • Reporting facility
  • Research, scope and implement a CRM system which meets the current needs of the organisation. Work with Marketing and Commercial Development teams to ensure the solution will be fit for purpose and have buy in from all parties.
  • Take a lead role internally (with support from an external supplier) to project manage the actions required to ensure the organisations activities are GDPR compliant, and to lead on all areas of data governance.
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